Children and younger people

Children and young people with autism and asperger syndrome

Jaiveer is 7 years old and has Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). He attends a mainstream school that has a specialist unit for children with ASD. A Roundabout dramatherapist works in the school 2 days a week running dramatherapy sessions for groups and individuals.
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Vulnerable children and young people

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Adults with learning disabilities

Paula is a woman in her late twenties with a learning disability. She lives at home with her mother and attends a day centre on two days of the week. Her key worker said “Paula tends to get upset or very excited by any events that happen or by something that she might hear about. She often seems angry or preoccupied.
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Older People

At ninety two Mary was reluctant to join the dramatherapy group as she had attended the day centre for many years and thought she knew the members of the day centre well. Mary listened to the dramatherapists explaining how the group would work, meeting every Wednesday afternoon at the same time using drama techniques to work together creatively. The dramatherapists would then keep a record of what was done each week by putting some of what was shared in a book which would travel with the dramatherapists every week.
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Circle of doors


Robert, a man in his late forties, was a persistent gambler and his desire to change his life had led him to a 12 week rehabilitation programme which included a weekly dramatherapy session.
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