Art Images

Choosing a picture to represent self in the group book


Introducing creativity

Getting to know each other

Potential benefits

Stimulating creativity

Indirect sharing of self

Resources needed

Selection of art images such as:

Portraits, Still Life, Environments, Objects

Group/ Individual Book





  1. Spread out the selection of art images on a table in the middle of the group, or in front of the individual
  2. Encourage each member to choose one – to whichever they are drawn
  3. Take it in turns to ask each person to show the picture to the group, and to describe the picture and why they have chosen it
  4. The facilitator should join in, and can demonstrate from their chosen picture to help start the process if needed
  5. The facilitator can ask questions to aid and develop this process where appropriate
  6. For those with visual challenges, the images can be described
  7. Explain that the pictures will be copied and then put in the book so that each person has their own page in the group book


The facilitator will copy the pictures, and bring to next session.

Further sessions

Group members can be assisted to cut out the copied pictures, and then paste them on a page at the beginning of the book.

Over the coming weeks, personal information can be added to their page that they would like shared, e.g., birth place, birthday, star sign, favourite colour, etc.

The client’s response

People often recognise their image from week to week, which helps to orientate them to being in the dramatherapy group. They might recall what they said about their image, or read the words that have been written. Others come to the image fresh each time, and often marvel at it anew.

For those who may not have used any words, the picture often still brings wonder, with the shapes on the picture being traced with a finger, and sounds from the person revealing their response to it.

As their history is added over the weeks, there is often a sense of pride in their value as a person, and their place in the group.

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