Dramatherapy Supporting Wellbeing and Good Mental Health

‘Mental health conditions can have a substantial effect on all areas of life, such as school or work performance, relationships with family and friends and ability to participate in the community’ – World Health Organisation

Roundabout supports individuals and groups to cultivate good mental health and wellbeing.

Roundabout’s dramatherapists work with children, young people and adults with mental health conditions. The team work in a variety of settings such as children’s centres, schools, day centres, care homes, supported living homes, and outpatient units. 

Examples of conditions our dramatherapists can help with include:  

-attachment disorders 
-developmental disorders 
-eating disorders
-learning disabilities 
-personality disorders

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Dramatherapy is an accessible therapeutic intervention that uses creative techniques such as drama, play, movement, guided meditations, puppets and music. Roundabout  can work with individuals and communities who struggle to access other forms of therapeutic support. 

Our team can work as a part of an organisation’s multidisciplinary team, contribute to mental health initiatives and collaborate with service users to identify the issues they would like to explore, as well as the appropriate dramatherapy intervention whether that may be 1-1 working, or group work. 
In situations where intense feelings may feel very challenging to work with directly, dramatherapy offers a therapeutic intervention in which individuals can connect and explore challenging themes indirectly, through use of art forms, such as drama techniques, music, artwork, or movement. 

Dramatherapy can support individuals to cultivate a positive relationship with their bodies through movement, dance, meditation, and breath work. These approaches also support the regulation of emotions and calming when faced with anxiety.  Dramatherapy groups can support individuals to connect with others with shared experiences. This offers participants the opportunity to learn from and listen to others, strengthen social and relationship skills, and work together with the support of the dramatherapist to cultivate a sense of healing and wellbeing.

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Photo by Rosie Fraser on Unsplash