Frequently Asked Questions about easyfundraising

How does easyfundraising work?

easyfundraising is a free fundraising platform that allows us all to earn money for our charity when we shop online.  Over 6,300 online retailers including Amazon, eBay, M&S,, ASDA, Trainline, John Lewis and Argos will give free donations when we shop with them. Anything from a weekly grocery shop to a family holiday can generate a donation.

So far, they have helped good causes raise over £41million.

Once signed up all you need to do is use easyfundraising to get to the retailer you want to shop with, you must do this each time you shop with them but it’s easy to do. You can start your shopping journey with easyfundraising either through their website, or using their handy Donation Reminder or App (information will be provided when you register) Then just search for the retailer you want to shop with, make sure you check their requirements and, when your purchase qualifies the retailer will send us a donation based on how much you spend. easyfundraising make payments four times a year, any donations that aren’t ready to be paid will carry over until they can be so we will always receive your donations. 

How is easyfundraising free to use and where does the donation come from?

easyfundraising makes money through affiliate marketing. This means that retailers pay commission each time a sale is made with them through the site. It is part of their marketing and advertising budget.

100% of the retail donation displayed on the platform is passed on to the good cause, and easyfundraising receive a separate commission as a profit-making business. There are therefore no charges whatsoever for good causes and supporters using easyfundraising. 

Do I pay more when using easyfundraising?

No, you pay exactly the same price for your purchases. The only difference is that you get a free donation when using easyfundraising.

I don’t do any shopping online?

By shopping we mean anything you buy on-line, so this includes booking holidays, travel, buying new insurances or comparing and changing utility contracts as well as groceries, clothes and things you get delivered to you.

I forget to use it or check if a donation is available until it’s too late

The Donation Reminder makes sure you never miss out on a donation for your good cause by alerting you if the retailer you’re shopping with will donate. A reminder will appear on your screen whenever a donation is available. Click “Activate Donation” and you’ll raise a free donation when you check out. You can install the Donation Reminder if you use a laptop or desktop or an IOS tablet or phone.   

Does the Donation Reminder slow down my PC?

No, it has no effect on this. The speed of your browsing will be due to the software or the age/type of equipment you use, not the Donation Reminder.

Are there any security risks? What personal data do you collect?

easyfundraising only ask for your name and email address to register. No other personal data is required.

The retailer only confirms how much you have spent and therefore what the donation will be, and no further information.