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By leaving a gift to Roundabout in your will, you’re helping to ensure our vital and life-changing services will be there for future generations.

To leave a gift to Roundabout you must have an up to date valid will. Having a will is your opportunity to take care of everyone and everything that is important to you and to ensure your wishes are carried out. It is also an opportunity for you to help those causes you have supported during your lifetime. Leaving a gift to Roundabout would have an invaluable and long lasting impact on the lives of the clients we support.

The Different Types of Legacies

There are three main types of gifts in wills (legacies): residuary, pecuniary, and specific. When drawing up your will you can discuss with your solicitor which is best for your circumstances.

Residuary legacy 
This is when a person leaves a percentage or share of their estate after all the other legacies have been distributed to other beneficiaries and funeral expenses, all debts and other costs and taxes have been deducted.

Pecuniary legacy
This is a gift of a specified sum of money. The actual value of this type of gift will decrease over time as the cost of living increases.

Specific legacy 
This is a gift of a particular item such as books, paintings, antiques, jewellery, land or property.

There are other types of legacies which you can discuss with your solicitor.

Our Details

To be sure your gift reaches Roundabout , you will need the following details.

Charity Name: Roundabout Dramatherapy
Registered Charity Number: 297491
Address: 143, Cheam Road, Sutton, Surrey SM12BP

Dramatherapy smooths your mind, calms you down and helps you in any type of moment

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