Trusts and Foundations

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The generosity and interest of Trusts and Foundations has been at the heart of Roundabout’s work for 36 years.

Their support and scrutiny have ensured our work could continue and expand, whilst maintaining the highest standards.

Very little of our work, if any in most years, receives statutory funding. This makes the grants we receive crucially important, particularly for less visible and news-worthy projects. We are proud to have developed long-term relationships with funders small and large. Project grants ensure the facilitation of our Dramatherapy with some of society’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals. Core grants underpin every aspect of our work and help sustain the charity.

Without the support of Trusts and Foundations, Roundabout would not have thrived and would not be able to help all the hundreds of people it works with each year.

If you would like more information about Roundabout and how your Charitable Trust or Foundation can help us to make a real, long-lasting difference to the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged Londoners, please get in touch with Becky Lacey ( or Rachel Livingstone (