How to donate a children’s story to Roundabout Dramatherapy.

Please click here for instructions on how to send us a story. 

Up until the end of May we had received the following stories:  About A Snail, A Drum,  Eva the Diva and the Terriara of Indrapaw, Goldilocks And The Three Bears,  How The Gold Fish Became Gold, Taffy Morgan’s Harp, Magnificent Dolores, My Dog Called Baxter, The Elves and the Shoemaker,  The Fisherman And His Wife,  The Fox And The Crow, The Golden Cup,   The Lessons of Abdee Ahree, The Origins Of The Gods, The Pot Of Broth, The Selfish Giant, The Window, The Town Mouse And The Country Mouse, The Turnip, Thumbelina, Why The Sky Is Far Away.

Please check here for stories donated after May.

The instructions give ideas on the types of stories you can donate such as myths, legends, fables, fairytales or stories you have written yourself.
If you haven’t got a story to read then Storynory have generously given us access to their fairy tales, myths and world stories. Please click here

Also, please note the paragraph in the instructions about copyright.

Thank you.

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