Managing Anxiety

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Two simple effective breathing techniques that will immediately calm and focus and help you and the children/young people/adults you are working with.

Breath in through the nose with a smooth breath for a count of 4 seconds
Hold gently for 2 seconds
Breath out through the mouth with a smooth breath for 6 seconds.
If you like using images then this can be done using one of a wave.
Repeat several times

Even more simply: 

Just slow your breathing down: 
Let your in breath take care of itself  
and then lengthen the out breath making it smooth and even and steady. 
Repeat several times.

Both these breathing exercise can be done almost anyway e.g. walking down the street, travelling on a bus, train etc, or just sitting at home.

Steph has created a Rainbow Meditation inspired by the Rainbow Story shared by the Roundabout team.

A short ‘Guided Meditation‘ video for parents, carers and staff made by Xav during lockdown for Covid-19

A ‘Star Breathing Chart’ to help you relax and focus by Lucy

You can access resources ​from other organisations which ​might help you talk to your child/ren about what is going on and how they are feeling here

Hey Warrior by Karen Young and illustrated by Norvile Dovidonyte is a great resource for helping children understand why they feel anxious and how anxiety affects our bodies.  Understanding can be an important step towards empowering children and to turning anxiety around.