Emma Ramsden

Dr Emma Ramsden (PhD), Practitioner-Researcher (dramatherapist) & Clinical Supervisor (HCPC & BADth registered).

Emma has more than two decades experience as a dramatherapy practitioner, clinical supervisor, academic, author, and researcher in the UK.

She has worked with Roundabout on research projects in recent years, notably the feasibility study exploring autistic children’s experiences of group dramatherapy with a focus on the reduction of anxiety. Emma’s focus is on choice, voice and agency for children and adults.

Publications include:

P. Jones, Cedar, L., Coleman, A., Haythorne, D., Mercieca, D., and Ramsden, E. (2020) Child Agency and Voice in Therapy: new ways of working in the arts therapies (1st Edition), London: Routledge [due for release in Autumn]

Ramsden, E. (2011) Joshua and the expression of make believe violence: dramatherapy in a primary school setting. In, Dokter, D., Holloway, P., & Seebohm, H. eds. Dramatherapy and Destructiveness. UK, Routledge.

Ramsden, E. & Jones, P. (2011) Ethics, children, education and therapy: vulnerable or empowered. In: Campbell, A., & Broadhead, P., (eds) Working with Children and Young People: Ethical Debates and Practices Across Disciplines and Continents. Germany, Peter Lang.

Ramsden, E. (2017) Supporting agency, choice-making and the expression of voice with Kate: dramatherapy in a mainstream primary-school setting with a nine-year-old girl diagnosed with ASD and ADHD. In, Haythorne, D. & Seymour, A. eds. Dramatherapy and Autism. UK, Routledge.