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Amy’s Monthly Marathons

by Rachel Livingstone

We are delighted to share the news that one of our supporters Amy, has decided to walk a marathon each month, yes each month, of 2022 to raise funds for Roundabout. We are extremely grateful to Amy for taking on this momentum challenge and are going to be cheering her every step of the way, each month.

Amy kindly explains why she is taking on this challenge: “Following a difficult couple of years, I really wanted to start 2022 with a more positive outlook – something to help give me focus and a ‘purpose’, whilst also helping others along my way. Roundabout stood out to me as a charity because they support such a wide range of people, whilst having their foundations placed with the creative arts – an industry that I have found myself in. Having therapy myself to support both my mental health and process a recent ADHD diagnosis, I know just how important it is that as a society we begin to open up, and the creative arts. The beauty of dramatherapy is that it facilitates those who perhaps struggle to communicate verbally, taking therapy out of the usual stereotype. Roundabout is incredible – using this approach to help as many people as possible – no matter age, background, disability or race. I know that once a month I have a long day ahead of me, but I hope that as the year goes on I can help promote Roundabout’s amazing cause!”

If you would like to support Amy then please donate via her Just Giving page or scan the QR code below