Autism and Dramatherapy Book

by roundabout

‘This fascinating and much needed book brings to the reader the rigour and passion of innovators who are telling us new stories of how change can happen and be accounted for in relation to Dramatherapy and clients on the autistic spectrum…

The book holds up processes such as play, story, role or improvisation and sees how therapist and client use the space, form and relationships within dramatherapy to create opportunities for change in areas ranging from social, communication and learning skills to emotional wellbeing and creativity.

The different chapters offer insights into different situations and are alive with the detail of how specific encounters between therapist and client can change…

Each chapter can be considered on its own, but having read the book as a whole, I can vouch for the way it builds to give deep insights across chapters to help us understand what clients are teaching us about the potency of dramatherapy as a field.’

Extract from foreword by Professor Phil Jones for the book Dramatherapy and Autism

Autism and Dramatherapy is available from:
CRC Press

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