Magnificent Seven 4

My Way Marathon 2024

by roundabout

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On 21st April the #MagnificentSeven aka Jane, Anya, Ellen, Adam, Xav, Alex and Mark will be lacing up their trainers and pounding the countryside and streets to each complete a marathon, as part of the TCS London Marathon My Way.

All 7 have been training hard in sun, wind and rain, during the day and into the night. They have been aching and have blisters but are all determined to complete the 26.2 miles. Some of the 7 are joining forces to complete their marathons together, others are going it alone, but they will all be keeping in touch during the day encouraging one another along.

Why the #MagnificentSeven, well we think they are magnificent! Taking on this epic challenge to raise funds to pay for our dramatherapy support to younger people. One of the headteachers where Roundabout provides dramatherapy has explained how vital the teams’ support is

This service being aimed at primary school children means that we can intervene at the point of concern, and do real therapeutic work with children with a thoroughly trained professional, before the children’s mental health concerns and behaviour escalates. It seems a madness to wait until the children are older and be responsive to more explosive and dangerous behaviour, if we can do the work earlier and prevent these children suffering. This is all the more essential considering the rising number of fixed term suspensions and exclusions, the cuts to NHS services, and how impossible it is to get support from CAHMS. If Roundabout wasn’t funded to continue its services, schools would be forced to continue with ‘managing’ behaviour, rather than supporting children going through emotional duress, or those with additional needs. It is impossible for these families to access therapeutic work outside of school,

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Thank You

Thank you to the companies and local businesses who have generously donated items for goody bags for the marathon Magnificent Seven.

Our thanks to:
Morrisons Sutton
Belmont Food and Wine
Best One
The Good Home

Please donate what you can, thank you very much on behalf of the children Roundabout supports.