RED Academy

by roundabout

During November and December 2018 students from RED Academy in London worked pro bono on Roundabout’s website.  Elena, Elizabeth, Kate, Agatha, Marga, Patrick and Tony and their tutors Sophie, Carlos and Ashleigh worked tirelessly, first reviewing our old website, then designing and developing this new site. Their enthusiasm and dedication whilst working on our website was one of our highlights of 2018.

Our deepest gratitude to everyone involved from RED Academy.

Roundabout’s website developed by RED Academy | a technology & design school

Elena Lo Piccolo
Elizabeth Mueller
Екатерина Цурик

User Experience Design Team

Sophie Lepinoy
Instructor, User Experience Design

Agata Swistowsk
Marga Omar
Patrick Montoya
Tony Piero

Web Development Team

Ashleigh More-Hattia
Web Developer Instructor

Carlos Reyes
Lead Web Development Instructor


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