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Trustees Week 2023

by roundabout

Trustees’ Week is an annual event, providing an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of nearly one million trustees across the UK. To thank them for their time, commitment and effort they bring to our charities to help them thrive.

Roundabout is managed by a Board of 6 Trustees, Rodger, Bronwen, Roya, Jane, David and Mark. They meet quarterly  to receive full reports from the charity’s senior staff. The Board of Trustees is reviewed annually in order to ensure that Roundabout has enough trustees with the right knowledge, experience and skills.  
Trustees are responsible for the strategic direction of the charity. The Trustees’ combined expertise supplements the input of the staff team, to whom day-to-day management is delegated.

“I’ve been a trustee for around 15 years & serve as treasurer on the committee. I am retired but have a background in public service administration. I mainly assist in reviewing policy advice & have helped with recruitment exercises.  A rewarding aspect of being a Roundabout trustee is being part of a team of extremely talented people committed to delivering high quality therapy services.” Bronwen

“During this year I, as a trustee and supervisor, have been supporting the directors with the process of saying goodbye to valued members of staff and considering the implications of such changes.” Rodger

“My background is in fundraising so over the past year I have been happy to offer support and advice on some of Roundabout’s fundraising plans and donor stewardship. Along with the other Trustees I have also been reviewing some of Roundabout’s policies.” Jane

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