Phone Consultation Service

The service offers a limited number of one hour consultation slots each week during term-time until the end of October 2020.  It is run by Emma Ramsden, one of our dramatherapy specialists.

Booking a phone consultation:

  •  A consultation can be booked in advance by completing and submitting this online form. Please provide a brief outline of your inquiry. To proceed, click here
  • Emma will reply to your email within 2-3 working days confirming the consultation and providing details of how she will contact you on the appointed day and time using the contact details you have provided.

Safe working:

  • If referring to a child’s name in the inquiry, we recommend you do not use their real name but use initials or a pseudonym (not their real name) to protect their identity.
  • is an end-to-end encrypted email account and therefore compliant with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR, see for more details). This means that only the sender and receiver can read the email message. You will be sent a unique link and a password to open the encrypted email.
  • Emma will be working remotely from her home office and calling from a withheld mobile number. 
  • Emma will store your mobile phone and email address in accordance with GDPR and data protection guidelines only for as long as strictly necessary, after which it will be deleted. In most cases this will be for the duration of the consultation process only. 
  • Telephone calls will not be recorded and detailed notes of consultations will not be made.
  • The service is not able to consult on unreported safeguarding concerns about children, young people or their families.  However, if during a consultation a safeguarding concern arises, Emma will bring the consultation to a close and instruct you to speak with the designated safeguarding lead in the school where you work/the child attends as soon as possible; or Emma will contact Roundabout’s safeguarding lead and may make direct contact with social services.   
  • Safeguarding Children and Young People refers to all children and young people who have suffered from or are at risk of any or a combination of the following: emotional or sexual abuse, physical injury or neglect.

Roundabout are pleased to offer this 19 week pilot project, funded by the London Community Fund.
This service is run by Dr Emma Ramsden (PhD), Practitioner-Researcher (dramatherapist) & Clinical Supervisor (HCPC & BADth registered).

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