Children with Special Needs

Photo by Jeswin Thomas on Unsplash

Returning to School – We have prepared a Coronavirus Parents Guide to Returning Back to Primary School and an Advice sheet for Secondary School pupils, to help support you in managing your children’s return to school. Also included are additional useful resources, click here

Silo’s Sadness is a story about bereavement from dramatherapist Talya Bruck, click here

Sesame Street clip to help children with autism learn to wear a mask, click here to view

Free Guide to Create a Sensory Space for Autistic children and children with sensory needs from Autism Parenting Magazine, click here

Building a sensory rich life during lockdown, click here

For Cerebra book service, click here

You might also be interested in this general documentary about autistic youths transitioning into adulthood, click here

For a a simple story to support children in understanding why they see everyone wearing masks, from autism speaks click here

For general advice during Lockdown from Scope click here

Tips for talking with your child with autism about Coronavirus from Child Mind Institute click here

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