Dramatherapy is a very effective way of offering support and helping siblings build tools to deal with difficult life circumstances.


ROUNDABOUT dramatherapy projects are supporting mainstream, primary-aged children who have siblings with Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

ONE OF THE common denominators for most of the children is the violence they endure from their siblings. This ranges from thumps to higher scale violence; sometimes they get hurt and sometimes they witness others getting hurt.

THE DRAMATHERAPY work creates a safe place for the group to help each other by talking together about how that is for each of them. Simply hearing another child saying ‘that has happened to me’ reassures them that they are not alone. The children are also keen on trying to offer help to their peers. If one child says, ‘My brother tore up my homework’, another will suggest, ‘ I have a safe place to lock my stuff away.’ Or when a friend says, ‘I get punched every day’, another suggests, ‘Have you tried playing music?’ or ‘My sister calms down when on the trampoline or in the sandpit.’ An offer to play with special toys seemed to resonate with everyone in the group.

WE KNOW how truly effective Dramatherapy is in the way that it can offer support and build the tools to deal with these difficult life circumstances.

Image by sandeepachetan from flickr

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