“Storytelling is about sharing – not just the sharing of words and plot, but the sharing of emotions and experiences” Society for Storytellers

Welcome to Roundabout-A-Story. A treasure trove of stories generously donated to Roundabout by actors, storytellers and dramatherapists. We hope you enjoy this wonderful selection of stories, we have Fairytales, myths, legends and stories written especially for Roundabout.

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“It makes me feel happy and safe and comfortable”

We hope you enjoy listening to Roundabout-a-Story.
Our thanks go to Tanya Moodie, Roundabout’s patron, Sam Adams, Tara Egan-Langley, Debbie Sanders, Anthony Barclay, Rosie Abraham, David Stedman, Jackie Green, Fiz Marcus, Henry Lewis, Bruce Guthrie, Sam Redford, Pearce Quigley, Clare Barrett, Gemma Kenny, Matthew Spencer, Roundabout’s patron, Lauren Verrier, Richard Attlee, Lynn Beaumont, Peter McNeil O’Connor, Camilla Watson, Charlie Clemmow, Peter Darby-Knight, Emma Fenney, Hannah Beck, Alison Kelly, Roundabout’s trustee, Angie Bain, David Heathfield, Michael & Misha Mouse and Allie Croker for donating stories.

Tanya Moodie, our patron, shares The Origin Of The Gods

Matthew Spencer, our patron, shares How The Gold Fish Became Gold

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