Online support and reading for Parents

Photo by Claudia Wolff on Unsplash

Returning to School – We have prepared a Coronavirus Parents Guide to Returning Back to Primary School and an Advice sheet for Secondary School pupils, to help support you in managing your children’s return to school. Also included are additional useful resources, click here

Our dramatherapist Steph has written about safety resources for children, click here

Betsy de Thierry (Psychotherapist) offers some video support for the family during lockdown, click here

Mental wellbeing audio guides from the NHS click here

Improving your family’s calmness and mindfulness from Barnardo’s, click here

The importance of playing with your children and types of play are outlined, click here

This article is particularly about fathers’ play and its impact on resilience, click here

Beacon House offers training to parents on how to promote your child’s self-esteem, click here 
and from Future Learn, training on helping young people with low mood, click here and for further support for parents, click here

Guidance on explaining Black Lives Matter to children and young people, click here

Redesigning a new curriculum for to address the lack of Black British history in the UK Curriculum, click here

Information on health habits that promote good mental health for children, click here

Understanding anxiety in children from Barnardo’s click here

The value of a Worry Box to calm an anxious child is explained, click here

For tips and factsheet for managing anxiety at the return to school, click here

An explanation of why so many parents are feeling numb right now, click here

Advice for children from Barnardo’s on understanding our mood and how to establish if we might need support, and what type of support it is we need. click here

Protecting mental health for children and adolescents, click here

Tips for parents working from home from Barnardo’s staff click here