Stella Duffy

Stella Duffy writes novels, plays and short stories, she is a theatre director, and is leading Fun Palaces – the nationwide project of engagement in arts and sciences for all – in October 2014.

“I believe in the value of theatre on a very profound level – not simply as something to engage in as a maker, or to sit back and watch as an audience, but as an agent for change.

We have, as human beings, always told stories, shared stories, listened to the stories of others. There is no human culture that doesn’t do this. What happens when we share ourselves in this way, in a safe space, is that we find a narrative with which to hold the messy, dangerous, glorious, hopeful and heart-breaking nature of our lives. All too often the possibility of theatre as a tool for living is denied to any but the already-privileged. ANYTHING that makes the work of sharing, of listening, of creating, available to others, and available to those who most need it, is hugely worthy of support.

I support Roundabout for making a difference where a difference is most needed.”