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 Roundabout Dramatherapy - who we are

Roundabout is a registered charity (charity number 297491) dedicated to transforming the lives of vulnerable people, using the creative power of dramatherapy to enhance mental health. Our work is professional, effective, creative, empowering, supportive, inclusive, and authentic.

It is our belief that the best creative practices provide support for people to do well in learning, in life and in preparation for the world of work. We witness each day the transformative effect that dramatherapy has on people coping with trauma, disabilities or challenging mental health issues.

Roundabout Dramatherapy is effective, creative, empowering, supportive, inclusive, authentic and award-winning.
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Who we are:

  • The 300 plus people we help every year, from 3 year olds to people over 90.
  • The team of qualified and supervised Roundabout dramatherapists who facilitate our weekly dramatherapy sessions.
  • We are a trauma-informed team of dramatherapists.
  • All of our dramatherapists attend regular safeguarding training and adhere to our safeguarding policies: Children and Young People and Vulnerable Adults.
  • Our management and administration team, supporting and supervising the dramatherapists.
  • The six members of our dedicated Charity Trustee Board.
  • Roundabout’s co-Chief Executive Officers, Lynn Cedar and Deborah Haythorne, who co-founded the charity in 1987.
  • Professional, effective, creative, empowering, supportive, inclusive, authentic and award-winning.

Our response to Black Lives Matter

Roundabout places huge importance on equality, diversity and inclusion, and on combatting injustice and inequality. For our response to Black Lives Matter, click here

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