Roundabout Resources

How to Make – we hope that you enjoy our ‘How to Make’ section, here you will find fun, creative and simple things to make at home, including how to make slime, a den, a sensory bowl and a bubble snake.

Meditations and Mindfulness– provide ways to relax a busy mind, calm nervous feelings and to recharge and rejuvanate.

Drama Games To Play Over Video Chat by Brenna and Tricia 
For Families/Young People  
In this 30 minute video Dramatherapists Brenna and Tricia share drama games that you can play over video chat with your friends/family.

Have Fun
In this short, fun video created by Sonia, find out multiple ways to play with just one piece of material. Let your imagination go wild!

A Story Making Resource– combine imagination, word play and artwork. Using the steps provided, you will be surprised when you create your own story. There are two stories to choose from Bears Feelings and A Hero’s Quest

These is one of dramatherapist Lucy’s favourite improvisational games to play in the sessions. These games can be played with all ages. Have Fun!’

Visual Timetable by Laura.

Wellbeing Diary by Toby.

Creative Colour Therapy Feelings Check In by Laura.
– using a creative means of checking in with how a child is feeling can support their awareness, insight and reflection into their emotions and can be used throughout the day. This resource also offers space to discuss helpful tools and people that a child can call upon to support their emotional regulation when required. 

Stories created by the Roundabout team.